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This article is about someone who is an enemy to the Pookie Hater Defense.

Agent Bulc
Agent Bulc

Full Name

Agent Bulc


Agent Bulc, Negative Club,

Agencies Working For

Defensive Heroes of Pookies


Onega X, Agent Club, PHD Agents

Agent Bulc is the negative counterpart of Agent Club and the Director of the Defensive Heroes of Pookies (DHP). He is enemies with Onega X which leads the Pookie Pounding Program.


Agent Bulc along with other negative counterparts lives in the Negative Dimension. A negative version of the Positive Dimension which Agent Club lives in.

He was featured in Operation Infiltration II, he along with other DHP agents try to stop them from finding Onega X. He and the rest of the DHP, team up with Agent Batman in order to try to stop the PHD from getting the PHD files.

He along with the rest of the DHP agents, go back to the Negative Dimension when the Omega Tower was about to be destroyed. Leaving Agent Batman, Agent Omega (616) and the rest of the PHD to watch as the Omega Tower tips over.


  • Agent "Bulc" is just the word "Club" spelled backwards.
  • In RPA: The Ultimate Battle video game, Agent Bulc is one of the bosses of Chapter 5 along with Agent Odnetnin.
  • He and Agent Club have a strong rivalry together.
  • He is a pookie lover, like Agent Club is a pookie hater.

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