Agent Boo335's Secret Hideout
Boo new hide


August 2014

Located in

Club Penguin Island

Protected By

Agent Bongi6, Agent Boo335, PHD Agents

Controlled By

Agent Boo335, Pookie Hater Defense

Agent Boo335's Secret Hideout is a secret hideout similar to Bongi6's Secret Base and Bongi6's Spaceship Hideout. He keeps his secret files, and his money there. Agent Boo335 monitors Club Penguin with it. To get in, you must teleport there if you are his friend, or go to it on the map if it is on the map. Or you can get a spaceship and find it. The PHD now controls it too as a secret base for the PHD somewhere in a secreye area.Also the RPA controls it the hideout too. He has secret meetings here. This is also where he brings Pookies that he kidnapped. This is for PHD eyes only. My hideout is in a forest from the test run track. When you enter there will be security cameras. The security cameras will scan you if your a agent. If your not you will be burnt by the lasers of my security cameras. If your a agent you have entered!


1. Don't take anything

2. Don't mess with anything

3. Don't mess with the green puffle guard.

4. Please come for important reasons like meetings, work and more

There are also other hideouts too! The TVs are the security camera videos

you get the point.

Make sure you follow these rules or else


Where to find

This is for only PHD eyes only. Repeat this is only PHD eyes only

The hideout is in test run. After you complete test run with a sled look for a igloo that it covered in metal. If you see a igloo with metal you have found it.

There are also other ways to. Bongis ship, Teleport there, or sled there

its better if you sled there for your first time. Its more fun than

Regards Boo335

P.S Don't mess anything up or else. it took forever to make this

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