Underwater Base2
This is Agent Boo's Secret Underwater Base. He made it for the PHD and other stuff He needs to Do. Since the base is in the ocean it is well hidden. He uses it for Meetings, he keeps his money there, work, and base. There in the Jail Section it is filled with Ice Containers so when he brings a pookie or prisoner i. He can only fit 5 pookies and Prisoners in the jail sells. He has the switch with to power up everything in his base and control the Cells. The computer near the oil controls the cells. Unlock freeze, cool down the tempature, and more. Now he has Cameras, a clock, and a alarm incase of a Emergency. He has a space shuttle so he can fly in into the ocean and out in the CP's Sky. It can go to Space but it will make no sense to go to Space. Besides it are his Control Panels. He can check the damage if he gets in a fight and check how many people will attack him. And how fast it can go with a little bit fuel left. Near that is the Snack Bar, Coffee, and Fish. The fish and coffee are fresh and the finest in CP. Near that is the Meeting Section. There is a TV to watch the plan or Movies, TV shows, and Games. In his free time he gets his Playstation 4 and plays on it. There are 6 chairs doe. Near that is his safe with his plans and money. Near that is a work station for agents. This is for invention making. It is protected by the PHD Agents. Besides that there is a Science work bench with test tubes. Than training there are weights and a sword for combat. It is only open for PHD agents only. You can get to this place by , Be his friend, find it on the Map List (Look for Boo335) (Also he mostly stays on Blizzard). Robot Boo 3 doesn't really stay there. He stays in Agent Boo's other Base. Cause if water spills on him he might die. The glass is really strong like metal so water doesn't work. It is also made out of Ghost-Mite.

The Security

This is for your eyes only, I repeat this is for your eyes only! When you enter there will be two rocket turrets which shoots high explosive rockets. There will be security cameras IF Agent Boo is inside and your outside he will let you in. If your not a agent he will make the rocket turrets fire at you. If Agent Boo is not there you must unlock a password. But it must be tick tac toe. The password will give you a hint and you must fill in the tic tac toe code.


. Don't touch anything (Unless told to)

. Don't mess with anything

. Don't work if told to

. If your their alone just get your work done

. DON'T even open the safe or open anything

. If you don't know how to get out. Use a phone and click a special button whitch will show you a map.

Regards Agent Boo

P.S Make sure no one is following you. You may bring a pookie as long as you put it in the jail cell AND NOT let it escape a make a mess. If you do make a mess you will clean it up.


. This is where his Jet and his Time Machine is located.

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