Agent Boo's Time Machine was made by Agent Boo and is kept in his Underwater Base.


After buliding he took Robot Boo 3 (RB3 for short) with him to the future. His machine worked! It had took him into the future. Agent Boo went to see if it worked to the present. He used it and went back to the present. He than tried if his machine will work to the Past. He went back when CP was first started and it worked! He took a Beta Hat and used it to go back to the present but the hat got caught in the Door and Time traveled without it.

How It Works

The machine is made out of purple Ghost-Mite and a bit of yellow. When you get inide you put the date you want to do to time,day,month,year, and what place. After that the machine will make a worm hole portal and the machine will jump into the portal. Going to time. After it goes to the time you want to go to its there! It is powered by snowballs. The snowballs must be hard not soft though.


Here are the rules:

  • Do Not Alter your/others past or future (Altering the past or future this may change something in your life).
  • Do not bring any foods,drinks with you inside the machine (If dropped food inside it will mess up the machine trapping you in another year you didn't want to go to).
  • No going outside when the machine is in the portal (If you fall out of the machine while its in the worm hole you will be stuck in another year you didn't want to go).
  • No playing around with the controls (Do not play around the controls they may break).