Agent Boo's Paladin Armor is a very strong armor for Agent Boo.


This armor is made out of Ghost-Mite which is very strong. The armor can stand through almost everything.


The helmet protects the whole entire head but leaves room for the eyes to look through. It also comes with a mic to talk to agents if they are far away.


These goggles can find foot prints, look through walls, and night vision. These goggles also protect Agent Boo from getting snow in his eyes, water, and more. He can also target enemies with these goggles.


These jetpack isn't a ordinary jetpack. This jetpack can fly almost forever and uses snow for fuel! It can also shoot out a mini robot that can get on the enemy and attack them. It can also shoot out missiles as well. 

Body Armor

If you touch the armor it can electrucute you. This can make it power. It also can use a EMP (Electro Magentic Pulse). On the side is a grabbling hook just incase he needs it. He can also make it cold or hot in certain condintions.


The boots do not squeak and they can transform into flippers. They can also walk on water and lava. They can also grab on to things and claws come out.


One of Agent Boo's weapon when using this armor is a hammer. This hammer which is called the Pwnhammer by Agent Boo, is also made out of Ghost-Mite. He can throw it and it can come back to him. It does not summon lightning like Thor's hammer.


These gloves can make lightning balls and zaps enemies and throw lightning balls. These gloves are not slippery so when holding things they don't fall out of his hands.


  • This armor is a juggernaut suit.
  • This armor is adequate for all seasons.
  • It is very tough.
  • Only Agent Boo can use it.
  • If a piece of the armor is broken it can rebuild its self.