This is a list of weapons that is equipt with Agent Boo's Jet.

Current Weapons

  • 4 Laser Machine Guns (2 behind one wing and another 2 behind the other wing).
  • Auto-Pilot (Can go auto-pilot if need to).
  • Co-Pilot (The co-pilot can be anyone but usually Agent Boo brings Robot Boo 3 with him as the co-pilot).
  • 2 Laser Rail Cannons (Made from Boo Industries) (Two laser rail cannons infront of the Jet which makes the Jet very dangerous).
  • Heatseaking, Laser Beam Targeting, Nuclear, Atomic,Toxic, Radioactive Bombs,torpidos and missiles.
  • Escape Pods (One for the driver, and one for the co-pilot).
  • Puslar Cannon (Made from "Vortex Industries" and was given by Agent Vortex
  • 3 Heatseaking Sun Atomic Flare (Is very,very powerful).
  • 3 Ion Cannons
  • 4 Robot Missiles (When shot puts robots on other people's aircraft they can also be shot at land) (Made by "Boo Industries").
  • 2 Electric Cables (When attached to a cabble brings the ship closer and electrucutes any electronics inside the aircraft).
  • Electrocute (If someone or something is on it, it will electrocute the thing or someone).
  • EMP (Electro Magentic Pulse,can disable any electronics).
  • Changer (Can change into a Tank,Robot, and more!).
  • Probe Launcher
  • Nano Bot Launcher
  • Camera (Can take pictures in flight and recordings in flight).
  • Sprayers (Can spy water,oil,lava,and more).
  • Detecter (Can detect if anyone or anything is on the jet).


  • Agent Boo is currently making more weapons for his jet.
  • Some of these weapons are also made by Agent Vortex.