This is a list of advantages of Agent Boo's Jet.

Current Features 

  • Camouflage (Can not be seen in the sky's) (There is a button for this).
  • Floater (Can float on lava or water).
  • Stealthy (Can not be heard or detected by radar).
  • Radar (Can tell when enemies are approaching).
  • Maps
  • Extra Storage (Has lots of storage for carrying anything).
  • Powerer (Can be powered by electricity) (You can make electricity using windmills to power it up).
  • 2 Lights (Can see in the dark or fog very well).
  • Computer (With a locking system) (Made from Puffle).
  • Cool Doors (When you get out of the jet the doors open and go up and when you leave go down).
  • Temperature (You can lower the temperature) (There is a fan in it as well, you can turn it on if you want).
  • Force Field (Can turn on force field) (The force field can reflect anything) (There is a button for this).
  • Fire Works (Incase anyone sees the plane fire works will distract the person).
  • Tracker (Can shoot a disc at the enemy, which will stick on and Agent Boo can track the enemy).
  • Magnet (To attract other planes towards him).
  • Cleaner Windows (Can clean windows if dirty).
  • Radio (What can anyone enjoy there music in peace or news?).
  • Comfortable Seats (These seats are so nice, and warm you can sleep in it if you want to)(They also come with cup holders,and more special features).
  • Dive (Can dive into water or lava).
  • Ski's (For Ice Areas).
  • Cloner (If exploded can be cloned so Agent boo has a backup).
  • Caller (Can call jet to Agent Boo)
  • Space (Can go in space for 2 hours though).
  • Speaker
  • Extra Seat (If bringing a long anyone there will be extra seats).
  • Ghost-Mite armor.


  • All of these features were made by Agent Boo with some advanced technology.

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