Agent Boo's Jet is Agent Boo's special jet that was made for skilling pookies with air support.


Agent Boo thought he needed to make his own special airplane incase the Pookie Protection Program or any enemies use air support.

He also noticed how everyone else had a jet or airplane and he knew this may be very helpful. He almost knew that when carrying items penguins could steal it. The items he carries can be very heavy and he sometimes got late to give agents inventions from Boo Industries. He decided to make his own airplane.

It eventually got into the PHD's Airforce army.


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  • It is very powerful.
  • Can go 200 miles per-hour.
  • Rocket Turrets can damage it but the Jet can keep on going.
  • Laser Turrets can damage it but less than the rocket turrets. So the Jet keeps on going.
  • Machine Gun Turrets don't damage it and doesn't leave a scratch. So machine gun turrets are useless.
  • Agent Boo calls his jet the ABJ (Agent Boo's Jet). ABJ for short.
  • It took 1 Day to make and 3 days to upgrade.
  • It's similar to The Extremejet.
  • The puslar cannon is very affecttive to it and can almost blow the whole the enemy's ship up in 3 shots.
  • It may seem heavy but with the un-weighter machine (Powered by electricty) can make it weigh 120 pounds
  • If a wing is broken it can instansly rebuild itself..