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This article is about someone who is meetable in Club Penguin.
Agent Boo
Boo335 Player Card
Agent Boo, a PHD agent

Full Name


Friends from the PHD

Agent Slash, Agent Penrock, Agent Bongi6, Agent Vortex

Agencies Working For

Elite Penguin Force, Extra-Planetary Federation, Pookie Hater Defense,Super Hero Agency, Robber Penguin Agency,Puffle Protection Program, Chick Protection Program


Agent Omega X (Rival Agency), Agent Bongi6 (sometimes), Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe, Agent Batman, Pookie Protectors,Pookie Lovers,Pookies,Pookie Helpers,Anyone or anything that is apart of the pookies.



When Joined the PHD?

August 9,2014

Birth Date

November 30


booo (Called by penguins on Club Penguin)

"Pookies are little disguised monsters, that will deceive penguins with their so called "cuteness".

-Agent Boo

Agent Boo (A.K.A. Boo335) is a PHD Agent and hates pookies for the same reasons as Agent Bongi6. He plans to replace pookies with puffles one day.


Agent Boo was known as Boo335, Boo335 joined Club Penguin in October 2006.

He didn't know so much so he didn't play so much.

In October 2009 he decided to play more. He found out about PSA and joined it. He put robbers in jail, rescue penguins and he even destroyed one of Herbert's machine. When the PSA was destroyed, the EPF replaced the PSA making Boo335 sad. He secretly decided to still act as a PSA agent even though the PSA was destroyed. He is still not a PSA agent but he tries to act like one. He later found out about preps and pookies, and started to destroy them.

He later joined the Pookie Hater Defense to save all the puffles, and destroy all the pookies. He also made a hideout on CP for PHD have his secret meeting and more. When he found out the PSA resistance was over and he joined the EPF. He doesn't hang out with those preppy agents and does his best. Later he quit the EPF sort of.

Robot Boo Series

Later he made some robots to help him. He call them Robot Boo 1, Robot Boo 2 and Robot Boo 3. These robots were made to help him like Robot Boo 3 which is still alive.

  • Robot Boo 1: Robot Boo 1 got destroyed when a pookie did enough damage to him in disgusting ways.
  • Robot Boo 2: Robot Boo 2 betrayed him but he captured him and sole him for parts. Because if he tried to build him out of the same things he would just destroy Agent Boo and Agent Boo didn't want to spend a lot of coins for new parts.
  • Robot Boo 3 was the best and is still alive. He is the current Robot Boo in the Robot Boo series.

Why he hates Pookies

He doesn't like them because he thinks they are a disturbance too the pet shop and spoiled. People pay more attention to pookies than puffles. Plus pookies are want everyone too be a pookie! Plus they say these annoying words like " mwe want cookie now!" It annoys Boo335. Pookies also steal and ignore people for no reason. They also report people too make them banned! Disney doesn't care so much. So Boo335 wants to get rid of pookies and replace them with puffles.

Agent's Boo Pookie Killer Gear

His pookie killer gear is very strong, Since he is a pookie hater,pookie hunter,and pookie skiller he has the best gear. He first has special boots that don't make any noise when you walk, Then he has strong brown Ghost-Mite armor he made during the Medieval Party. After that he has a bow and arrow. With different types of arrows such as explosive arrows,sticky arrows,electric arrows, and more! Then he has a air tank. This air tank provides him air when going underwater. Such as when he goes into his Underwater Base. Than he has his goggles. Great against the winds of CP and the snow. They can also become into night-vision goggles. Finally he has a helmet. This helmet has a speaker that can be able to call Robot Boo 3 or to call someone. It can also be used as a gas mask. Agent Boo's Pookie Killer Gear is fitted for all seasons. 

He also has a juggernaut suit.


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