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Agent Boo
Boo335 Player Card
Agent Boo, a PHD agent

Full Name


Friends from the PHD

Agent Slash, Agent Penrock, Agent Bongi6, Agent Vortex, Agent Berserker, Agent Club

Agencies Working For

Elite Penguin Force, Extra-Planetary Federation, Pookie Hater Defense, Super Hero Agency, Robber Penguin Agency, and the Puffle Protection Program


Agent Omega X (Rival Agency), Agent Bongi6 (sometimes), Agent Future/Galaxy/Universe, Agent Batman, Pookie Protectors,Pookie Lovers,Pookies,Pookie Helpers,Anyone or anything that is apart of the pookies.



When Joined the PHD?

August 9, 2014

Birth Date

November 30


booo (Called by penguins on Club Penguin), boo, Ice Storm (Super Hero name), Agent Boo (Codename), and Boo335 (Real Name)

"Pookies are little disguised monsters, that will deceive penguins with their so called "cuteness"."

-Agent Boo

Agent Boo (A.K.A. Boo335) is a PHD Agent and hates pookies for the same reasons as Agent Bongi6. He plans to replace pookies with puffles one day.


Agent Boo was known as Boo335, Boo335 joined Club Penguin in October 2009.

The Beginning

In October 2009, Agent Boo's sister introduced him to Club Penguin. He joined Club Penguin and immediately fell in love in the game. He joined the PSA, and than the Elite Penguin Force after the Popcorn Explosion in the HQ. He didn't really notice Pookies that much, as he mainly played the games and role played as a "Robot King". He hated preps due to them being so annoying and cocky. He also hated "Forest People" due to them being so edgy and emo, and they think they're so cool, even though they are probably just loser, nerdy teenagers.

Pookie Days

Agent Boo than found out about Pookies in the Pet Shop. Although he didn't adopt Pookies, he became a Pookie himself. Lots of Pookies seemed to dislike him for no good reason and no one would adopt him. When he did get adopted, his parents were never nice to him, which caused Agent Boo to throw tantrums. When he threw these tantrums, he would often get banned for long periods of time, which made him very angry. Lots of Pookies discriminated against him due to him either being a boy, or for not wearing rare clothes. He was also humilated in real life by his sister for finding out that he liked to role play as a baby on Club Penguin. After seeing all of this happen, he acquired a taste for Pookie blood.

Joining the PHD

After becoming a Pookie Hater, he decided to throw riots in the Pet Shop to get rid of Pookies. Often they would work and he would gather many penguins to help him. During a protest, he met Agent Bongi6. They both became great friends and they hated Pookies with eachother. In July 2014, Agent Bongi told Boo about the Pookie Hater Defense and why he should join it. He accepted the offer but he didn't know what the Wiki was called, as in Club Penguin, Bongi said "Pookie gater defense" due to "Pookie Hater Defense" being blocked by the chat filter. One night, before he went asleep, he realized that Bongi meant "hater" instead of "gater". After realizing this, he joined the PHD on August 9, 2014, after Agent Club accepted him into the ranks, and he became Agent Boo.

Bad Times

After joining the PHD, he and Agent Bongi made the "PSA Resistance Wiki". Agent Omega X tried to join the PSA Resistence, but Agent Boo wouldn't let him due to him being a Pookie Lover and the Director/Founder of the Pookie Protection Program. This led to a heated argument between Agent Bongi and Agent Boo over why Omega can/can't join. Agent Bongi and Agent went to the PPW Court, over who was right, and everyone voted for Bongi (Even Blu Bell voted came in and voted). The PSA Resistence was than dismantled by Agent Bongi and Agent Boo apologized for his actions and became friends with Agent Bongi again.

Good Times

After the whole PSA Resistence Crisis, he stayed in the PHD. He joined all of the missions and skilled many pookies. During this time, he gained the rank of Commander. He also met Agent Vortex, and they quickly became good friends. He also founded the Super Hero Agency with Agent Bongi and became a super hero. He founded Boo Industries, made new gear, and created Robot Boo 3 with Vultron, and more. He also joined the Robber Penguin Agency, but he didn't participate in any missions though. He also became a Chat Moderator in this time as well. He also joined the Puffle Protection Program. He participated in Operation S.O.U.N.D, Operation H.O.L.I.D.A.Y, Operation T.R.E.A.T, Operation C.A.V.E.R.N, Operation Infiltration II, Operation H.A.C.K.E.R, Operation T.I.M.E, Operation R.E.B.E.L, and possibly more missions. He used his gear and technology to help agents in these missions and Robot Boo also participated in them as well.


In 2016, Agent Boo was inactive for almost half the year. He left Wikia after being humiliated by Agent Nickel500, and he thought Wikia was getting boring and thought no one cared about him on there due to him having "bad role play skills". He kept playing Club Penguin though and hating Pookies, and other Agents noticed this. They noticed how he was active on Club Penguin, but not Wikia. Agent Boo eventually visited from time after time but just barely.


Although he had stopped playing Club Penguin as much, he found out that Disney was shutting down Club Penguin for some crappy mobile game. He was deeply saddened by this. He thought that by shutting down Club Penguin, at least Pookies would be gone forever, but he was deeply mistakened. He than found out about another remake of Club Penguin called "Club Penguin Rewritten". He decided to play that instead, and it was everything he wanted for Club Penguin. Than in April 2017, on Club Penguin Rewritten, he found Agent Nickel500. Agent Nickel than persuaded him to join Wikia again and he agreed. He than retired as a Super Hero and as Second in Command of the Super Hero Agency. He than went back to the PHD Wiki, to see what was going on.

Reviving the PHD

When he came back to the PHD, he found out it was inactive. He met the user Zuras Hakai, and became good friends with him. He also met Agent Berserk and Agent Jasper as well. They decided to help him restore the PHD from its ashes. He also met Agent Nickel again, but with a new name of Yummy Curry. They quickly became enemies, as Yummy Curry was now this disgusting human being with crap role play skills. He also met Superpuking and also became enemies with him as well. He helped to undo his vandalism and from other vandals. He than met with the new director, Agent Extreme, and helped him restore the PHD, with Agent Boo possibly being the new Second in Command. Now, he is trying to revive the PHD from its ashes. He doesn't go on Club Penguin Rewritten that often, but when he does, he skills any Pookie on there. The new generation of Pookies now make a mockery of the PHD and humiliate Pookie Haters, and they ignore any actions placed on them now, which angers Agent Boo. He also got promoted by Agent Extreme, and became an Admin as well. He also met Agent 300 again as well. He also attempted to make a new mission for the PHD, called "Operation Rekindle" in March 2018. Unfortunately the mission never went through.

Goodbye Again?

During late March of 2018, Agent Boo stopped going on to Wikia for two months, due to it being boring to him. This worried his friends on Wikia, but some users were happy that he was gone, since there was only two admins now instead of three. When he came back, he made a message stating why he left and his reasons why. He saw that Agent Nickel500 was blocked all across FANDOM. He also saw all of the drama that occurred on the Wiki since then, with Agent 300 even turning out to be racist. Later, he promoted Agent Berserker and Agent 300 to Chat and Content Moderators, due to them being pretty active on the Wiki.

Robot Boo Series

Later he made some robots to help him. He call them Robot Boo 1, Robot Boo 2 and Robot Boo 3. These robots were made to help him like Robot Boo 3 which is still alive.

  • Robot Boo 1: Robot Boo 1 got destroyed when a pookie did enough damage to him in disgusting ways.
  • Robot Boo 2: Robot Boo 2 betrayed him but he captured him and sole him for parts. Because if he tried to build him out of the same things he would just destroy Agent Boo and Agent Boo didn't want to spend a lot of coins for new parts.
  • Robot Boo 3 was the best and is still alive. He is the current Robot Boo in the Robot Boo series.

Why he hates Pookies

He doesn't like them because he thinks they are a disturbance too the pet shop and spoiled. People pay more attention to pookies than puffles. Plus pookies are want everyone too be a pookie! Plus they say these annoying words like " mwe want cookie now!" It annoys Boo335. Pookies also steal and ignore people for no reason. They also report people too make them banned! Disney doesn't care so much. So Boo335 wants to get rid of pookies and replace them with puffles.

Agent's Boo Pookie Killer Gear

His pookie killer gear is very strong, Since he is a pookie hater,pookie hunter,and pookie skiller he has the best gear. He first has special boots that don't make any noise when you walk, Then he has strong brown Ghost-Mite armor he made during the Medieval Party. After that he has a bow and arrow. With different types of arrows such as explosive arrows,sticky arrows,electric arrows, and more! Then he has a air tank. This air tank provides him air when going underwater. Such as when he goes into his Underwater Base. Than he has his goggles. Great against the winds of CP and the snow. They can also become into night-vision goggles. Finally he has a helmet. This helmet has a speaker that can be able to call Robot Boo 3 or to call someone. It can also be used as a gas mask. Agent Boo's Pookie Killer Gear is fitted for all seasons. 

He also has a juggernaut suit.


IMG 0592

Agent Boo standing left of Agent Bongi, saying "YOU" in all caps.

On June 19, 2014, Agent Boo and Agent Bongi6 are at the Pet Shop protesting together. (Note: May be difficult to see Agent Boo in both images due to chat bubbles and chat text covering him up)

Around November 15, 2015, Agent Boo, Agent Club, and Agent Glade1 hang out in Agent Boo's Underwater Base. (Underwater Igloo photo)

IMG 0594

Agent Boo, Agent Club, and Agent Glade1 hang out together in his newly constructed base.

On April 9, 2017, Agent Boo and Agent Nickel500 are talking to each other on Club Penguin Rewritten. (EPF Photo)

IMG 0593

Agent Nickel persuading Agent Boo to go back on Wikia.

IMG 0591

Agent Boo, again, standing left of Agent Bongi, saying "look".