"I can show other haters how annoying pookies is funnier than abusing them."

-Agent Blast

Agent Blast (A.K.A. Penguinp7677) is an agent of the PHD, he is very dangerous in the long run, because he has done things in the past to cause MANY arguments between Nickel500 and Bradyd5.

Why He Hates Pookies

Agent Blast hates pookies for many reasons, but this one in particular, ONCE, Blast was in the petshop and he bought a new puffle, he could see a group of penguins harming the puffles like saying "Eats puffle", "Burns puffle", "Skills puffle", "shocks puffle, "causes trouble to puffle". He could see that all of the people being mean to the puffles were these strangely dressed Penguins with teddies and baby clothes. Blast then quickly did research on the strange yellow penguin and found out they were called "pookies". He laughed his head off due to the stupidity and then came back later and took pictures of them and made fun of them.


  • Although he's rubbish at skllling and abusing, he annoys them with bells, drills, and other things he can think of.
  • He is a nova.
  • He was a failed soldier in the army known as light troops, so he gave the CP armies.
  • He has risen to a WHOLE new level of Nova power.

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