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This article is about someone who is an enemy to the Pookie Hater Defense.

Agent Batman (A.K.A. Partstripes or StripesMaster) is Agent Smp's sworn enemy and a deadly PPP Agent. He was formerly a weak rookie, but when he left, in his absence his skills improved very significantly, he had mastered all the Martial Arts in the world and fought many enemies during his travels around the world. He is now a very dangerous PPP Agent.


Agent Batman (Partstripes) was a robber in Batman903's robbery crew. When Batman903(not to be confused with Partstripes the Third Batman)'s agents were fixing one of their inventions on the lighthouse beacon. A couple of pookies came and Agent Smp told them to go away. Agent Batman told him they were just playing around, however, Agent Smp told him they were interfering with their invention. Agent Smp was about kick them off the lighthouse when Agent Batman protected the pookies.

Agent Batman attacked Agent smp however he dodged him and Agent Smp grabbed the pookies and threw them off. Batman903's crew were cheering except Agent Batman. He then betrayed him and joined Bradyd5. After the incident Agent Smp seeked revenge on Agent Batman. Thus mmaking Agent Smp his weakness. Although, as time passed on, Agent Batman got over his fear of Agent Smp and Agent Smp no longer posed a threat due to Agent Batman's intense global combats training and learned the intense strategy to overcome fears and become fearless.


  • Agent Batman is now a much, much much bigger threat to the PHD than he was before.
  • He has another enemy named Batman903 who's also called Batman. Batman903 is also evil. Part the third batman is not to be confused with him.
  • Agent Batman was the SIC (Second in Command) in Bradyd5's crew.
  • He is in the SHA. He is known as "Batpeng" in the SHA.
  • He is a CPPD officer.
  • His rival from the PHD is Agent Vortex. They compete sometimes, that means Part-S industries (Agent Batman's industry) is rivals with Vortex Industries.
  • He is the current holder of the Bat Legacy which is why he's the Third Batman. He's third after Bruce Wayne and Richard Grayson.

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