Agent Alyssa is a Sargent of the Pookie Hater Defence, Puffle Protection Program, Robber Penguin Agency and the Chick Protection Program. She hates pookies. They are so about themselves and rude. In her opinion, they should be put to prison. Agent Alyssa is a pookie but not really a pookie. She is a member of the PHD and likes chicks better than pookies. Pookies call them self rare pookies and they want rare mumus or nice mumus or rich mumus. A mumu is a mumu. Pookies are stupid and chicks are not. This is true. A 1 month baby in real life is smarter then a 5 year old pookie. She thinks chicks should not be rare. Pookies should be rare. She says" How come pookies just die really."

First Days

Agent Alyssa joined club penguin in the coins for change in 2013.

She has noticed these weird creatures and wondered what they were. One of her friends said they were called Pookies and liked the idea about that. She dressed like a MUMU and went a got a Pookie. The Pookie got mad and left. So she dressed like a Pookie and got picked. She got picked because of a WISTA or sister in Pookie talk. Her sister got mad and told her to weave or leave. She was searching the Internet and found the PHD.

First Rob

After she found this wiki, she started to rob places. One time she robbed a place with two Pookies a dog and a Mumu. She skilled the two Pookies and let the dog escape. She stole everything until the house was empty. The Mumu called the CPPD so she and the Mumu swiched clothes because Alyssa tricked her and the Mumu went to jail. That was her best rob ever.


  • She is a sargent in the Pookie Hater Defense.
  • She is one of the more active agents around here.

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