Agent Alpha (A.K.A. Hawaii12378) is a PHD agent. She joined Pookie Hater Defense on May 8, 2015.

She started hating pookies when they reported her for adopting a puffle. She likes to bully pookies with the bear costume, ghost costume and monkey costume. Her penguin name is Hawaii12378. She is also a prep hater. She has twelve puffles. When she is not skilling pookies, she tries to tip the iceberg and win all the belts in Card Jitsu. 

How she started hating pookies?

She wore the blue diva sunglasses, unlockable blue boa, Ruby and the ruby dress and the sidetied too one day and went to the pet shop. When she went to the pet shop, she went to adopt a puffle, a pookie walked and spoke lies like ur rarer than this flower and stuff. She didnt get it at first. So she shoved the pookie away and adopted a blue puffle. The pookie got her wista and broder to report her. Soon a lot of pookies started reporting her and thus she got banned.

Somewhere around March 2015, she decided to forgive pookies and become a lover but that was temporary since, when se was being a middle, a mumu forced her to attend  Church though she was not a Christian. She dozed off in Church and the pookies an mumus were digusted by this and left her. Since then she has always hated pookies. 


  • She has chosen her main method of pookie hating as abuse.
  • She hates girl pookies more than boy pookies. If given the chance of abusing a broder and a wista, she would abuse the girl more.