Agent 300 (Wikiadude12) is an agent of the Pookie Hater Defense and the Chick Protection Program, he was a former director for the Chick Protection Program until he decided to quit, Agent Slash took his place.


On September 4, 2014, Agent 300 found the Pookie Hater Defence and immediately wanted to join to show his hate for pookies, after he got accepted into the agency, he skilled many pookies and became an elite agent. On the same day, he found the Robber Penguin Agency and got accepted there too, he robbed many places to get equipment for the PHD and RPA.

Creation of the Chick Protection Program

On September 10, 2014, Agent 300 created the Chick Protection Program, an agency which Unknown planned to create for weeks. Furious at Agent 300, he told him that it was unfair that he stole the idea. Agent 300 then started to apologize but AU would not stop. AU threatened to leave the agency unless club blocked 300. Club,foolishl, agreed and blocked 300. He did this because he didnt want RPA agents that worked for AU to also leave the PHD.

He began to plan his revenge, they never seen him after September 17, 2014 but nobody got suspicious that he was up to anything. He got his revenge about a year later when he forced club to leave the PHD, temporarily immobilizing the agency. After that he continued to fight with people in the PHD,RPA,and SHA. However he has since made up with them and was allowed to return to the PHD. After more than 3 years from his first block.


  • He was banned from the PHD due to blackmailing, cauing flame wars, etc. However, he returned soon and got revenge on the PHD.
  • He once formed an Alliance with Agent Cool to destroy unknown.
  • He fought and easily defeated Omega X